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  • The Fitness Test

    The Fitness Test is designed for everyone and people who are new to exercising and working out. The test will let you know your current fitness level and body condition.

  • Triceps & Biceps

    This superset focus on your Triceps & Biceps. It consist of two exercises, one set per round for Beginners, Intermediate two set per round, and Advance (Extreme) three set per round.

  • Cardiometrics Sports Training

    This is a high impact cardio & plyometrics. Also three rounds of official sports training exercises. There are two sets per round, and five rounds in the workout. Choose the right level and go at your own paste.

  • Isolated Shoulders

    Isolated Shoulders is 100% focusing on your shoulders. There are 3 sets per round, and only 3 rounds. However this is still a very challenging workout.

  • Back & Chest Pre Exhaustion

    People check your bride at the door for this one, we are trying to move the ground. Focusing on Back & Chest exercises and one staggered upper body. Minimum breaks, Maximum reps, Maximum weights, and in less time.

  • Legs & Body

    Legs & Body is two legs exercises with one staggered upper body exercise. Three exercise and four rounds. Modifications for Beginners and Intermediate is imperative.

  • Neo Flex Sports Training

    Neo Flex is therapeutic for your body, and your mind. People do not avoid stretching your muscles after a hard week of working out.

  • Neo Flex 2: Back & Core

    Neo Flex 2 is the first active therapy for home fitness.

  • Xcelerate Abs

    Xcelerate Abs is fantastic! Intermediate pace yourself, this is a cardio blast abs regimen.

  • Back & Chest Post Exhaustion

    This workout is dedicated to all the men & women who have served our country in the arm forces. Also who have sacrificed their life for our freedom.

  • Burnouts

    A total upper body workout. We are isolating the shoulders, triceps and biceps, and back & chest all in one workout. This workouts is dedicated the blue collar workers across the world.

  • Cardiometrics 2

    This is a high interval training, and is the second Cardiometrics. This workout is consist of jump training, weightlifting, and cardio circuit. You will burn calories while enjoying the music and the Cardiometrics team laughter.